Advanced Metal-Ceramic Structures

This research program focuses on studying the structure-property-processing relationship of composite structures constructed through additive manufacturing. Currently efforts have concentrated on creating lightweight ceramic templates (based on Al2O3, SiC, TiC, SiO2, etc) through a binder jet printing technology in order to develop metal ceramic foams, multilayered systems and 3-D structures. This work is a

America Makes Projects

America Makes Project: Accelerated Adoption of Additive Manufacturing Technology in the American Foundry Industry led by the Youngstown Business Incubator. The project involves technology transfer of binder jetting sand printing to small and medium enterprises in the U.S. metal casting industry. YSU CIAM is examining geometric complexity of cast parts as a tool to

Fabrication and Performance Analysis of 3D Printed Fuel Cells

A single layer is selectively joined by ink jet printing of the binder material, and a new layer of powder is repeated, binder applied, till the part is completely printed. The parts are then dried and sintered. It is a highly flexible process in terms of geometry, material and properties of the design. Performance

High Strain Rate Behavior of 3D Printed Materials

High strain rate mechanics and mechanisms of 3D printed materials: As 3D printed becomes adopted by industrial manufacturing, understanding and predicting 3D printed material response to high strain rate events becomes necessary for a variety of applications including resistance of turbine blades to foreign object damage, protection for satellites from micrometeoroid impact, crashworthy automotive

Precision Printed Parts (P3N)

P3N is a collaborative effort between the Youngstown Business Incubator (YBI) and YSU to integrate Additive Manufacturing (AM) with conventional post-processing to produce functional, high value precision parts. It is funded by the Ohio Economic Development Agency —Edison Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP). The goal is to widen the application of additive manufacturing (AM) metal