Precision Printed Parts (P3N)

P3N is a collaborative effort between the Youngstown Business Incubator (YBI) and YSU to integrate Additive Manufacturing (AM) with conventional post-processing to produce functional, high value precision parts. It is funded by the Ohio Economic Development Agency —Edison Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP). The goal is to widen the application of additive manufacturing (AM) metal technologies by transforming ‘rapid prototyping’ into ‘rapid manufacturing’ through the development of post-processing capabilities. Subtractive manufacturing and metrology are critical to obtaining the precision geometries needed for the integration of 3D printed metallic parts in assemblies. The project also aims to create Ohio jobs and an AM workforce by equipping them with design-for-AM and hybrid (i.e. additive and subtractive) guidelines and training conventional manufacturers on identifying strategies to implement AM in their current value stream. The effort involves a network of post-processing providers, OEM and Tier suppliers, and printing service providers.