America Makes Projects

America Makes Project: Accelerated Adoption of Additive Manufacturing Technology in the American Foundry Industry led by the Youngstown Business Incubator. The project involves technology transfer of binder jetting sand printing to small and medium enterprises in the U.S. metal casting industry. YSU CIAM is examining geometric complexity of cast parts as a tool to help businesses choose between 3D sand printing and conventional pattern making for sand cast parts. YSU is creating a cost model of the sand casting process. This model will compare conventional pattern making and 3D printing of sand molds and cores. Lastly, YSU will be involved in the development of BIZ3D which will teach high school students about the entrepreneurial aspects of 3D printing.

America Makes Project: 3D Printing Multi-Functionality: Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications led by the University of Texas El Paso. The project involves the development of multi-functional 3D printing and digital manufacturing process technology, advanced polymers materials development, and demonstrations of multi-functional 3D printed structures for aerospace applications. YSU CIAM is designing and demonstrating multi-functional thermal management structures for small satellites called CubeSats. YSU is also developing an aerospace themed STEM high school 3D printing camp.